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Meeting the needs of a growing region

Watercare aims to operate, maintain, replace and develop assets over the long term to deliver high quality service levels and meet foreseeable future needs. In the last two years, completed major infrastructure include Project Hobson, the Swanson Branch Wastewater Storage Tank, and South Western Interceptor upgrades.
New infrastructure can have long lead times. This requires foresight and planning from Watercare, working closely with Auckland Council. New infrastructure currently under construction includes Hunua 4, whilst projects such as the Central Interceptor are being planned.
On the North Shore we are planning for; the Northern Interceptor, which will allow wastewater flows to be diverted from the Northern Strategic Growth Area (NORSGA); the Barrys Point Wastewater Pump Station; and the North Harbour duplication project.
In addition – with the integration of the local network operators in 2010 – Watercare inherited a significant legacy ($150m) of work required to upgrade rural water and wastewater plants throughout the Auckland region. Due to historic neglect, a number of the water and wastewater treatment plants had significant issues which compromised the quality of water and wastewater services.
Watercare has been able to use its expertise and scale to achieve ongoing improvements to these plants, for example the use of filter technology from the Waikato Water Treatment Plant for the pre-treatment of source water (to remove colour-causing substances) at Pukekohe Water Treatment Plant.

PICTURED: Project Hobson; Construction of the Swanson Branch Wastewater Storage Tank; Cosseys pipeline construction.