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Minimising the impact of the company's operations

It is acknowledged that Watercare's operations can have both positive and negative impacts on people and the environment.
Watercare’s commitment to protecting the environment is embedded in our business and operations. The company is focused on delivering services that balance the need to provide critical infrastructure to a growing region with ensuring our operations and services are delivered in a sustainable way.
Examples of our sustainability initiatives include the following:
  • Puketutu Island – providing a long-term cost-effective solution for biosolids management that rehabilitates an old quarry resulting in the development of a regional park
  • Restored Mangere Lagoon – provided seven beaches, planted 300,000 trees and shrubs, developed 13km of coastal walkway, bird roosts and viewing hides
  • Watercare Harbour Cleanup Trust overseeing removal of litter from Auckland's Harbours and promoting the concept of rubbish-free waterways
  • Water demand management – Watercare adopted a 15% reduction target by 2025, works with large water users including Housing New Zealand to manage water demand, and provides support for the EcoMatters Environment Trust
  • Energy initiatives – biogas cogeneration facilities and hydro power generation meet approximately 30 percent of Watercare’s total energy needs
  • Providing compensation flows from Watercare dams to improve water quality and aquatic life in downstream environments
  • Support for community tree planting – Waikato RiverCare Trust and riparian planting on private and public land
  • Range of educational resources offered with the support of a dedicated educator, the Adopt A Stream programme helps students learn about water and its vital role within our environment
 PICTURED ABOVE: Manukau Harbour and wildlife.