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Working with Watercare

Procurement at Watercare supports our vision to be trusted by our communities for exceptional performance every day through its procurement framework, policy, strategy and processes.

Forward capital works programme (June 2017)

This report provides an updated to our forward capital works programme (significant projects and programmes valued over $2m).
Please note the following:
- construction tendering is included in the construction activity
- the timescale reflects calendar years rather than financial years​
Any queries regarding the forward capital works programme should be emailed to InfrastructureAdmin@water.co.nz.

Awarded contracts 


Watercare is committed to ensuring its procurement activities are undertaken in an open and transparent manner. The below lists are provided for reference purposes to provide the wider supplier market with information on who we do business with. For smaller businesses we hope that the lists will give an indicator of possible sub-contractor opportunities in the future.

Awarded contracts report

This monthly report lists the contracts valued at $100k that we have awarded in the last six months.  

View our Aug 2017 awarded contracts report​

Supplier spend report 

This monthly report lists the total spend per supplier (across all contracts and purchase orders) for the previous 12 months (where the total is greater than $1m).


Note: Detailed information about contracts and supplier spend may be commercially confidential. Although every care is taken to ensure that information provided is accurate we accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions.

Please email any feedback or questions to procurement@water.co.nz.

Detailed information about spend and contracts may be commercially confidential. We believe that the information we provide in the reports is accurate at the time of publication (subject to the report disclaimers). The information is subject to change if projects, priorities and timeframes are varied or if financial reconciliations or adjustments are made in respect of prior payments.  ​ ​​​​​  ​​