Leak Allowance Terms And Conditions


1.    We offer a leak allowance in an effort to encourage the timely repair of leaks and water efficiency.

2.    Allowances are given on a discretionary basis only.

3.    You can apply for the allowance if you have received an unusually high water bill because of a water leak and would like to receive a partial credit.

4.    The leak allowance form must be completed by the property owner or authorised tenant/agent once the leak has been repaired, then sent to Watercare via post or email within one year of the leak.

5.    If your application is accepted, the allowance will appear as a credit on your next bill.

6.    If you have a secondary leak within two years of receiving a leak allowance, you may submit a new leak allowance application along with a plumber’s invoice. However, the allowance consideration for a secondary leak will be for excess wastewater only.

7.    It is the property owner's responsibility to remedy leaks and for the cost of any repairs as a result.

8.    For residential customers, the allowance will be provided for all excess consumption based on typical usage for the same period the previous year. If you have not been at the property for a full year, the typical average daily consumption will be used (refer to the Billing and Payment section at www.watercare.co.nz for details).

For non-residential customers, the allowance consideration will be for excess wastewater only.

9.    Requests will be processed within 10 working days from receipt of this signed declaration form.

10.    Any outstanding amount owed to Watercare is to be paid in full within 21 days of the date on the Watercare response to the application.

11.    The bill issued prior to the loss date will be used for this assessment.

12.    This application will not be accepted unless all the fields are completed.