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Auckland’s water supply situation

Auckland recently experienced “off the charts” rainfall, which caused significant slips and erosion in the Hunua Ranges, where our largest water storage dams are located.

This means the water entering the Ardmore Water Treatment Plant contains significantly more silt than usual. 

The treatment plant, which supplies up to two thirds of the region’s water, is operating at reduced capacity to cope with the increase in silt.

See our list of questions and answers​ about the current situation.

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What do you need to do?

Aucklanders are being urged to reduce their water use by 20 litres a day, which is two buckets of water. This will help make sure that the amount of water being treated can continue to meet demand. 

The water is being treated to a high quality and is safe to drink straight from the tap. But the situation is serious as we are treating significantly less water than normal. We need people to keep up the good work and continue to use water wisely for several weeks. Together, we can do this.

Please help us spread the word – here are some free resources you can use to get the Save 20 message out there.

Daily tips to share on social media

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Poster for your workplace​ ​​Poster for gyms and sports clubs ​​Poster for schools and daycares Water conservation tips poster for children

Five easy ways to reduce your water use

1. Cut your shower time by two minutes: Approximate saving = 16 litres

2. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. Approximate saving = 4 litres

3. Only run your dishwasher when it’s full.

4. Only run your washing machine when it’s full.

5. Use the half-flush on your toilet.

Click here for more great ways to be waterwise. 



Some great examples of businesses doing their bit to reduce water use

Allied Concrete is using Readymix Concrete at its five Auckland sites, using stormwater captured from the weather event. The water is also being used for truck washing, dramatically reducing the company's fresh water use.​



Z has shut its Auckland car washes and Caltex has also shut some of its car washes, in order to reduce water use.​

What are we doing?

We are gradually - in a measured and responsible manner - increasing production at our Ardmore Water Treatment Plant while operating our four other metropolitan plants in a sustainable way.

We are also reducing our water use by making sure that staff and contractors on our construction sites have stopped using drinking water for construction-related activities, like water tightness or pressure testing. Our networks team has postponed non-essential flushing of our pipes.

We are also visiting development sites around the city, inspecting temporary water connections to identify any leaks, and asking developers to get them fixed.

Videos and images

Click on the thumbnails below to see our video footage and images of the water supply situation.