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Huia water treatment plant replacement

Built in 1928, the Huia Water Treatment Plant, in Woodlands Park Road, is nearing the end of its useful life.

Why do we need to replace the Huia Water Treatment Plant?

The Huia Water Treatment Plant, located at the corner of Woodlands Park Rd and Manuka Rd, is Auckland’s third largest water treatment plant. It treats water from the Upper and Lower Huia Dams and Upper and Lower Nihotupu Dams.

While the plant primarily serves west Aucklanders, Watercare’s  interconnected water network means it can supply high quality drinking water to people living in all parts of metropolitan Auckland. It played a significant role in meeting Auckland’s water demand when our Ardmore Water Treatment Plant was operating at half capacity following the Tasman Tempest weather event in March.

Built in 1928, the plant is nearing the end of its operational life and needs to be replaced. A new water treatment plant will ensure we can supply our growing city with high quality water from the west for the next 100 years.

The Huia Water Treatment Plant in 1957 

What’s the process been so far?

As a highly-regulated public organisation, Watercare’s site planning and selection process is extremely thorough. The Resource Management Act 1991 stipulates that resource consent applicants must assess all possible options.

As part of the process to identify a suitable site for a new water treatment plant, we undertook a comprehensive site identification process using geographical information systems based on four key principles.

Forty-four potential sites were identified for further assessment using a multi-criteria assessment method. This assessment looked into environmental, social, cultural and economic factors. The process ultimately resulted in three preferred options being selected for final consideration

Please refer to the Tonkin and Taylor report and the GHD shortlist site development report.

What are the options?

Option one:  Upgrading the existing Huia Water Treatment Plant 

Option one is to use the existing Huia Water Treatment Plant site. This option would include a new water treatment plant and reservoir in Woodlands Park Road. Sections of the existing plant would be demolished in order to construct the new facility however, heritage areas remain.

Option two: Development of a new water treatment plant at Manuka Road

Option two is to construct a new water treatment plant at the intersection of Woodlands Park and Manuka Roads. This option would also include a new reservoir within the Woodlands Park Road site. This option has been chosen as the preferred site of the new plant. ​

Option three: Development of a new water treatment plant at Parker Road, Oratia 

Option three, includes a new water treatment plant and reservoir at Parker Road, Oratia. As part of this project, a new watermain will be required to connect the plant to the planned North Harbour water network.

This document has more information about the impact of each option: ​Proposed site options (February 2017)

Have you listened to the community’s views?

We follow a statutory process and have been very open about our plans and the options we are assessing.

We began talking to community stakeholders two years ago and continued to do so when the shortlist of options was presented.

We have sent letters, held open days, attended public meetings and drop-in sessions and answered hundreds of emails for months. We have also provided extensive information on our website.

We ask the community for their views because to build a facility like a water treatment plant we need to know everything there is to know about the local environment.

We understand the concerns of local residents and are moving through the process as quickly and efficiently as we can.

In deciding where to site one of our facilities, we have the needs of the whole city in mind. This project is not only about catering for Auckland’s growth, it’s about increasing the resiliency of the water supply system so that it can adapt during unplanned disruptions.​

Any questions?

Click here​ to see questions and answers arising from the open evenings or contact the project team at: huiawtpproject@water.co.nz

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