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Huia water treatment plant replacement open evening postponed

Built in 1928, Huia’s water treatment plant is nearing the end of its useful life.

Meeting postponed

Watercare has decided to postpone Wednesday's planned community liaison session at Oratia Distric​t School.

We acknowledge​ that emotions are running high in the Oratia community over proposals to replace the Huia Water Treatment Plant and we have listened to this feedback.

Questions and answers ​from the Oratia and Titirangi meetings are available here​.

The Oratia and Titirangi meetings were well attended but we are aware there were a number of people who didn’t get an opportunity to ask q​uestions or talk to us.

In lieu of Wednesda​​y's meeting, Watercare staff will be available for a day-long, 11am to 7pm drop-in session at a date and location to be announced shortly. It is likely to take place in the next two weeks, depending on venue availability.

The feedback received will add to the​ selection process. Once a decision on a preferred site has been made, we will go back to the community for further consultation, to begin discussions on the design of a plant and impact on the community.

We welcome feedback on t​his project at HuiaWTPProject@water.co.nz​

What’s happening?

Planning is underway to optimise the future treatment and delivery of water from the dams in the Waitakere Ranges to best meet demand as Auckland continues to grow. In some cases, this will require replacement of old assets nearing the end of their operational life. The most significant and costly of these will be the replacement of the Huia Water Treatment Plant and associated water transmission infrastructure which in some cases is nearing 90 years-of-age. 

As part of the process to identify a suitable site for a new water treatment plant, we undertook a comprehensive site identification process using geographical information systems based on four key principles. Forty-four potential sites were identified for further assessment using a multi-criteria assessment method. This assessment looked into environmental, social, cultural and economic factors. The process ultimately resulted in three preferred options being selected for final consideration. Please refer to the Tonkin and Taylor report and the GHD shortlist site development report.

Further detailed work is now underway on non-financial and environmental attributes such as social and community impacts. Feedback from the community open evenings will be incorporated into these reports and considered as part of the final decision making process.

The project is part of our wider Western Water Supply Strategy. 

Working with you

Decisions made regarding water servicing are important, not just for the current communities but for future generations too. We are committed to working closely with the community to identify the best option to service existing and future supply needs. 

Open evenings

The Oratia community meeting. Photo: Radio New Zealand

On Tuesday 21 February, a community meeting was held in Oratia to discuss the replacement of the Huia Water Treatment Plant. A second meeting was held in Titirangi on Wednesday 22 February. These sessions provide an opportunity for you to talk to Watercare staff and provide feedback on the options.

If you were unable to attend, Watercare will be holding a drop-in session at a date and location to be announced shortly.

If you would like to provide feedback, please email us at huiawtpproject@water.co.nz​.

Click here​ to see questions and answers arising from the open evenings. This will continue to be updated. 

Why build a new treatment plant?

Huia Water Treatment Plant, located at the corner of Woodlands Park Road and Manuka Road Titirangi, is Auckland’s third largest water treatment plant. Constructed in 1928, the plant is nearing the end of its operational life and needs to be replaced. In order to continue supplying Auckland with high quality water from the west, as the city grows, a project is underway to assess the options and requirements needed for a replacement water treatment plant.

Contact details

Email: huiawtpproject@water.co.nz
Phone: (09) 442 2222

If you would like to receive updates on the project, please send an email with ‘Sign me up’ in the subject line.

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