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Rainforest Express to Remain Closed

Watercare has announced the Rainforest Express will remain out of service indefinitely. The decision will also mean an end to the passenger service previously operated by the Waitakere Tramline Society.
Public use of the Upper Nihotupu and neighbouring Waitakere tramlines has been suspended since May 2013, when a major landslide caused significant damage to the Upper Nihotupu tramline.
Watercare Chief Executive Raveen Jaduram said he was sad to see the end of what had become a West Auckland icon during the 15 years Watercare had operated it as a sightseeing excursion for visitors from far and near.
He said the Board had taken a long time to assess the various options available to the company, but in the end the decision was a straightforward one.
“As a provider of water and wastewater services, public health and safety sits at the core of what we do as a business. The Board considers it is impossible to reopen these lines for general use in a way that meets our statutory requirements and our responsibilities regarding the welfare of the public,” Mr Jaduram said.