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Watercare prepared for more extreme weather

Weather forecasts indicate that a storm front and Cyclone Cook are now tracking along the east coast of the North Island and there will be significant rainfall in the Waitakere and Hunua Ranges.

Currently, our water treatment plants have not been affected. Water is still safe to drink straight from the tap.
We are constantly monitoring the situation.

However, the heavy rain is causing more incidents - such as wet-weather overflows - than normal. This may mean the time it takes for us to attend an incident could be delayed. If clean-up is required, this may create further delays. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this busy time. Every fault is important to us. 

Auckland’s water situation following the extreme weather event
1. Is this heavy rain affecting Auckland’s water treatment plants? 
The current heavy rain Auckland is experiencing is not affecting our water treatment plants or water quality. The water leaving our water treatment plants remains ‘Aa’-grade quality and is safe to drink. 

As more rain is forecast for the next few days, our staff are constantly monitoring the situation.
2. I want to report an overflow due to the heavy rain. What do I do?
Due to the heavy rain, we’re experiencing an unusually high number of overflows reported around the city. 

If you see an overflow, please call us on (09) 442 2222, however please note it could take us longer to answer your phone call. The current weather may also mean the time for us to attend site could be delayed. If clean-up is required this may result in further delays. 
3. How do I keep updated on this situation?
Updates will be provided on our updates page​.

4. Are there any problems with water quality right now? 
No, the water leaving our water treatment plants remains ‘Aa’-grade quality and is safe to drink. It has not been compromised in any way. 

5. How are you making sure the water quality is ok?
We are testing and monitoring the water quality at all of our water treatment plants during this time.

Every day we carry out an average of 250 tests on water samples from a number of points throughout the network. You can find our water quality reports here.