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Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant

The upgrade to Watercare’s Mangere wastewater treatment plant between 1998 and 2003 reduced pathogens in the treated wastewater 10,000 fold, raising water quality in the Manukau Harbour to its highest level since the 1930s. The removal of the oxidation ponds not only enabled the restoration of coastal tidal flats and the rehabilitation of some 13 kilometres of coastline, it also means the harbour is no longer used as part of the treatment process.

Since 2003, the plant has continued to develop to ensure it has the capacity to cope with forecast population growth without compromising its environmental performance standards. The transformation of the surrounding area into a recreational area for all Aucklanders also continues to flourish, in particular the Watercare Coastal Walkway, which is now part of Te Araroa, New Zealand's Trail.
The Mangere plant's performance is closely scrutinised. Water quality test results are provided monthly to the Auckland Council at a review meeting, and form the basis of a quarterly report to Council.  A report on plant performance is also presented at Watercare Board meetings, which are open to the public, and to a Community Liaison Group open to all interested stakeholders, which meets quarterly.
The plant’s performance is also regularly reviewed by several independent groups made up of internationally recognised experts in wastewater treatment, plant design and operation, marine water quality, microbiology, environmental virology, and public health. These groups include a Disinfection Review Group, which reviews the operation of the UV disinfection facility and a Microbiological Review Group, which reviews the operation of the plant in relation to the discharge of pathogens to the environment.
The consent conditions governing the operation of the plant require an independent Audit Group to ensure the plant’s operation meets consent requirements in terms of technical effectiveness and public acceptability.
The Audit Group reviews the monitoring of the environmental effects of the plant’s operation and the management of regulatory matters to ensure compliance with the resource consents, and provides expert, independent advice to Watercare, to the Auckland Council, and to other interested groups. A copy of its most recent annual report can be found here.
Council also receives an annual independent report on water quality in the wider Manukau Harbour. The 2014 report can be found here. The report's author, Dr Shane Kelly, presented a summary of its conclusions to the November 2014 Community Liaison Group meeting.
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Click on the icon below to listen to Roskill MP Phil Goff and Watercare Wastewater Operations Manager Mark Bourne discuss the history and future of the Mangere plant (9 May 2014)

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