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Watercare has approximately 47,000 fire hydrants throughout the Auckland region. These hydrants are essential for firefighting purposes and their usage and maintenance is something that must be carefully monitored.
Water standpipes are required for all fire hydrant use including flow and pressure testing. The only exemption is the New Zealand Fire Service. Watercare only issues permits to a select number of contractors and the rules around their use are stringent. This is to ensure:
·         protection of public health
·         minimisation of backflow into the water supply system
·         minimise damage to the hydrant
·         improve network management
Only Watercare standpipes can be used on the Watercare network. If you wish to draw water from a Watercare hydrant, you will need to complete a Standpipe Hire Application Form which requires you to demonstrate that taking water from a hydrant is the only way to source water for your purposes. Watercare reserves the right to approve all applications to draw water from hydrants on the Watercare water supply network. Alternatively, you may approach a permitted contractor to assist you to draw water under their authorisation (see contractors' contact details below).
Fees and charges
Fees and charges for hydrant usage, and water and waste consumption, are outlined in our non-domestic charges document​.
All standpipe users must report their monthly usage and consumption using a Water Consumption Report form. Watercare may audit usage and will require standpipes to be returned for this purpose.
Changes to standpipe hire effective 1 July 2011
All new hire agreements from 1 July 2011 will be for one year. Short-term hire is not permitted.
To apply for a standpipe, please complete the Standpipe Hire Application Form and email it to standpipes@water.co.nz. A hire agreement, which includes procedures for use, will be issued with the standpipe. Click here for information on how to use a standpipe.