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Deemed customers

Responsibilities of customers who discharge deemed trade waste

Deemed trade waste is any trade waste discharged which:

-    is a result of an activity listed in Schedule 1 of the Auckland Trade Waste Bylaw 2013 and meets Watercare’s controlled substance standards 


-    is not conditional trade waste and does not have any of the prohibited characteristics listed in Schedule 3 of the bylaw

Customers who discharge deemed trade waste must ensure that they meet the pre-treatment requirements listed in Schedule 1 of the bylaw and that they treat their waste to our controlled substance standards

If the pre-treatment system is not able to treat the trade waste to controlled substance standards then the trade waste will fall into the conditional category and must not be discharged without a Trade Waste Agreement.

Please note: Waste discharged as a result of activities listed in Schedule 1 of the bylaw but where the discharge exceeds 10 cubic metres per day or 0.5 litres per second is classified as conditional trade waste and will require a Trade Waste Agreement.