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Customer responsibilities and monitoring

All customers engaged in trade activities are potential trade waste customers and it is our responsibility to manage trade waste risk across the region.
One method that we use to identify risks to people, assets, treatment processes, and the environment is by monitoring customer and network activity. 
Trade waste discharges are monitored at various points in the network (from customer site to treatment plant) and are divided into two monitoring programmes: Customer Monitoring Programme and Network and Treatment Plant Protection Programme.

Customer Monitoring Programme

We undertake random onsite compliance visits, without advance notice, to ensure our customers are complying with the conditions and limits set in their Trade Waste Agreement and/or the bylaw, and to verify any self-monitoring data provided.
If we find that a customer is not meeting compliance, customers are required to investigate the issue and explain what caused the non-compliance, what they did to resolve the non-compliance and what measures they have put in place to ensure it does not occur again. 
We may also undertake additional audit monitoring to verify compliance and the costs of any additional processing time, visits and laboratory testing will be passed on to the customer.

Network and Wastewater Treatment Plant Protection Programme

It is imperative to the health of our communities and environment that we maintain a healthy and safe wastewater system.
Our Plant Protection Programme identifies and mitigates any risks posed to our wastewater system by monitoring influent at various points before it reaches our wastewater treatment plants, then as it is released into the environment as treated effluent and biosolids.
We actively investigate all incidents that occur in the network to identify where the issue originated. This process can identify substances that have been inappropriately disposed of and lead us to customers that are operating outside of their discharge limits. In some cases this can lead to prosecution and recovery of costs.
Working with our customers is essential in order to educate them on how to best manage site processes so their discharge has no downstream impacts on our wastewater systems and, ultimately, the environment.