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Trade waste charges

Charges for the transport, treatment and disposal of trade waste is charged volumetrically as wastewater under the non-domestic tariff
Additional charges will apply for the administration and monitoring necessary for us to ensure compliance with the bylaw. See our non-domestic water, wastewater and other charges for more information.
This allows us to recover costs associated with the processing of applications, audit monitoring to check compliance and management of customer non-compliance.

Trade waste charges for the 2017/2018 year:

These charges will be invoiced on your trade account as they are completed or monthly if the activities take a number of months to complete. If you would like an indication of the charges likely to apply to you, please contact us.  

Infrastructure Growth Charge

If you are a non-domestic customer with increasing demand for our water and wastewater services, an Infrastructure Growth Charge may apply. For more information, click here.