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Trade Waste Agreements

​Every customer that discharges conditional trade waste must hold a current Trade Waste Agreement*.
A Trade Waste Agreement, in conjunction with our Customer Contract, Controlled Substance Standards and the Auckland Trade Waste Bylaw 2013 detail the terms and conditions that must be met for the discharge of conditional trade waste. Agreements are generally issued for a term of up to five years.

Trade Waste Management Plan

In order to gain a Trade Waste Agreement, customers must submit a Trade Waste Management Plan with their Trade Waste Agreement Application Form (full details of what is required in the plan are detailed in Section 5 of the form). 
This plan will identify potential risks to our wastewater system created by your site activities and will detail how these risks will be mitigated.
To assist you, here is a blank template of a Trade Waste Management Plan and two examples of acceptable plans; one for a large complex activity and one for a smaller simple activity. Your plan should reflect the activities undertaken on your site so we are happy to accept sections of other relevant plans (environmental, spill response, etc.).

Monitoring your discharge

Most conditional trade waste customers will be required to monitor their trade waste discharge and provide results to us to demonstrate compliance.
These requirements should be regarded as minimum requirements and customers should undertake any additional monitoring they consider necessary to ensure compliance.
For a list of accredited testing laboratories, visit ianz.govt.nz and search for a testing inspection facility under ‘Laboratory - Chemical Testing’, ‘2.41 Waters’, ‘(d) Effluents and trade wastes’.

Applying for a Trade Waste Agreement

If you would like to apply for a Trade Waste Agreement, please complete a Trade Waste Agreement Application Form
To prevent any delays in processing your application please ensure that each section is completed and additional information such as site plans and process diagrams are provided. Our standard processing time is 20 working days. If you have any urgent requirements, please let us know.
In considering an application, matters we will take into account include:
•    the quality, volume and rate of discharge
•    any controls you have put in place
•    your compliance history
•    the local network and conditions
•    the receiving wastewater treatment plant
•    any statutory requirements relating to the treatment and disposal to the environment
•    the health and safety of any person
•    the extent that the trade waste will react with other wastes in the wastewater system to produce an undesirable or hazardous effect
* Note:  Some customers hold a Transitional Trade Waste Consent with an expiry date after 1 July 2014. These were issued under previous bylaws and cannot be extended or renewed Please contact our trade waste team via email at tradewasteinfo@water.co.nz or on (09) 539 7655 for any assistance.