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Watercare’s responsibilities 

Our trade waste team is required to ensure customers comply with the requirements of the bylaw, controlled substance standards and, if they are a conditional customer, their Trade Waste Agreement.
The team does this via regular site visits and through our two monitoring programmes. If we find that a customer is not meeting compliance in any area, they must investigate the issue and explain what caused the non-compliance, what they have done to resolve the non-compliance and what measures they have put in place to ensure it does not occur again. 

Additional audit monitoring is also undertaken to verify compliance, the costs of any additional visits and laboratory testing will be passed on to the customer. 

We manage trade waste discharges to our network to protect:

•    the health and safety of people

•    the public wastewater system

•    the environment


•    assist treatment plants to process wastewater and produce biosolids to meet required standards

Our guiding principles

  • We work with our customers to:

 •    identify the level of risk they pose to any of the above

 •    help them understand their obligations under the bylaw

 •    achieve compliance at the lowest possible cost within the accepted risk profile

  • Prevention is preferred to remediation

  • Charging is fair, transparent and reflects the actual cost to Watercare: we charge on a cost recovery basis


The level of risk is initially assigned to a customer on the basis of industry grouping and may change following a more detailed risk assessment.

If a more detailed risk assessment is undertaken it will normally take into account factors such as volume, toxicity, customer pre-treatment and controls and customer historical compliance.