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Engineering Standards Framework

All extensions or renewals to our water and wastewater systems must be designed and constructed in accordance with our engineering standards.

Current standards​

  • ​Control systems: This section is under development.​

Standards ​for comment

There are currently no standards for comment. 


We have reviewed our processes relating to new developments and connections to our network to enable qualified contractors to self-certify their work.

We introduced compliance statements in July 2017 to provide a consistent system for ensuring all work carried out on our network meets Watercare’s engineering standards.

Use of the statements is now mandatory. We will provide support and advice as needed to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

More information is available in these policy documents:

Compliance statement forms:

Pl​​ease refer to these Frequently Asked Questions

Where to send your forms

New developments

From 1 July, completed CS1 and CS2 forms will need to be included as part of your Engineering Plan Approval application to Auckland Council.

​Completed CS3 and CS4 forms need to be sent to compliance@water.co.nz

Watercare infrastructure projects

​​If you are working on a Watercare project, please send completed forms to the Watercare project manager.​​

Construction monitoring

Construction activities with a single level of complexity or simple monitoring requirements follow the IPENZ/ACENZ monitoring guidelines.

Complex construction work or works with a variety of activities and disciplines would benefit from using the Watercare Risk-based Construction Monitoring Framework​. The framework is currently a working draft and you can contact Watercare's construction delivery, site engineering manager at standards@water.co.nz​ for assistance.


If you have feedback or queries regarding these compliance statements and the policy please email info@water.co.nz​


Get updates

Email us and we will notify you of changes to the standards.