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Domestic water, wastewater and other charges

Current charges

Domestic water, wastewater and other charges

Frequently asked questions about the price change.

Previous charges

1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016: Domestic water, wastewater and other charges​

1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015: Domestic water, wastewater and other charges

1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014: Domestic water, wastewater and other charges

Wastewater charges

There are two parts to your wastewater charge: a 'volumetric' charge which pays for the collection and treatment of your wastewater discharge, and a fixed charge for network maintenance.

Your wastewater is charged at a percentage of the water that flows through your meter. You don't get charged for wastewater for the remainder because we've set it aside for your outdoor activities such as garden watering. You can find out more about water use in Auckland here.

Estimated readings

As a Watercare customer, you will receive a bill every month. Every second month, your bill is based on an estimation of your water usage, rather than an actual reading of your meter. Estimating your water usage every second month, rather than sending the meter reader to your property each month, is one of the ways we keep our costs down.

The estimated reading is based on your past two actual readings and we find that most of the time it is close to your actual usage.  Sometimes however, particularly if you have had extra people staying in the house or you have been away for a prolonged period, our estimate won’t be as close to your actual consumption for that month. In such cases you can either wait for the following month’s bill, where it will balance out, or you could read the meter yourself and provide the reading to us.

Please note that to recover our costs we charge a $20 processing fee if we create an out-of-cycle invoice at your request, and based on your own meter read. We will however waive this fee in the following circumstances:

  • if the difference between estimated usage in our bill and actual usage that you subsequently advise to us exceeds 8,000 litres, and

  • the estimated usage is more than twice the actual usage when you read the meter yourself, and

  • the next actual meter reading date that we would do is more than 10 days from the date that you send us your self-read number.

Not sure whether you are a domestic or non-domestic customer?

The way your charges are calculated depends on whether your water meter is classified as domestic or non-domestic. If the activity at your property involves only living and sleeping, the meter/s will usually be classified as domestic. All other meters are classified as non-domestic.

If you believe your meter classification should be changed, you can apply to have it reclassified using the meter reclassification application form (434 KB). If you have both domestic and non-domestic meters, they will be invoiced through separate accounts.