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Accessing our wastewater network

If you need access to our wastewater network for any purpose – like to check the depth of a manhole or obtain CCTV footage – you will need to gain our authorisation before doing so.

This is to protect your own health and safety; our network maintenance contractors need to be aware of anyone accessing the network when carrying out maintenance work.

We need assurance that people accessing our network have the proper training and qualifications to do so.

Please follow the steps below to apply for authorisation to access our network.

Access that does not include entry into a manhole

1. Download and complete a wastewater access request form​ and send it to networkauthorisation@water.co.nz

2. Our network operations controller will assess your application within three working days. You will receive notification by email.

3. Access the manhole

4. Once your work is finished, please email networkauthorisation@water.co.nz with the manhole ID number in the subject line. Please supply a photograph of the closed manhole lid. With this email, you will need to attach a completed manholes accessed template.

Annual approval

If you need to access our manholes on a regular basis (without entry), and you meet the requirements, you can ask for annual approval. Please explain your circumstances in an email with your completed authorisation form.

If you are granted annual approval, you will not need to complete an authorisation form every time you need to access the network.​

Access that includes entry into a manhole

Note: Only people with a confined space entry permitting system may enter a manhole. The person entering the manhole must complete their own Job Safety Analysis.

1. The person entering the manhole needs to download and complete a wastewater access request form​​, send it to networkauthorisation@water.co.nz and request a meeting with the network operations controller.

2. Bring the completed request form, Job Safety Analysis and evidence of your confined space entry permitting system to the meeting. Watercare’s confined space risk decision tree will be explained at the meeting.

3. Approval may take up to 10 working days from the meeting. This will be notified by email. 

4. Provide a list of the manholes that will be entered at least 48 hours before you intend to access them. For example, if you wish to do the work on Thursday morning, please provide the list no later than Tuesday morning. Send the list to networkauthorisation@water.co.nz. You do not need to wait for further confirmation before carrying out the work.

5. Access the manhole

6. Once your work is finished, please email networkauthorisation@water.co.nz with the manhole ID number in the subject line. Please confirm the completion date and supply a photograph of the closed manhole lid.