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Water meters

Water meters measure the amount of water your household or business uses. This measurement is used to accurately charge for the water you use. It is also very useful if you wish to gauge how much water you are using, and if you have any water leaks. 

For information on rain tank water meters, see the Rain Tank Water Meter page.

Where is my water meter?

Most homes have their own water meter. This is usually located toward the front of the property near the left or right boundary. In flats or apartments there may be only one meter servicing all of the dwellings for each building.

Who is responsible for maintaining my water meter?

Watercare owns and is responsible for maintaining the master meter that serves your property. For information about where Watercare's responsibility ends and yours begins, see the Water and Wastewater Networks Responsibilities page.

Providing access to your water meter

Our meter readers need to access your water meter every other month, so please make sure it is not overgrown or covered. Contact us​ if it is difficult to access your property, for instance because of locked gates or dogs.​

Requesting to have your meter tested

If you think your water bill may be incorrect and you have eliminated that this is not due to a leak on your property, it may be possible that the water meter is faulty. Contact us to request on-site meter accuracy test. If the test proves that the meter is faulty above or below three-percent, there will be no charge for the test and the meter will be replaced and your account adjusted accordingly.