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Welcome new customer

Watercare is committed to providing outstanding and affordable water services for all Auckland. 

As our customer, you are automatically covered by the terms of the customer contract. If you need a printed copy of the contract, you can phone or email us and we will send you a copy.

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Current water and wastewater cha​rges ​
Point of Supply and Disconnection

Managing your account online

We want to make it easy for you to deal with us. You can check your bills and pay them online. Find out how to set this up. You can also manage and link multiple accounts.  

If your personal/property information has changed, please update them, either here or by phone/email.

Some important things for you to consider  

 - If you are moving into an existing property​, the previous owner should have arranged for a final meter reading. Make sure you have a copy of that reading.  

 - Check that the meter number on your invoice matches the meter that serves your property.
 - If you think you have a high bill or leak, there are some steps you can take to identify the cause. See how you can do this here.

 - If you have an unexpectedly high bill, please call us first so we can investigate for leaks or other faults. We will fix all leaks on the public network, and advise you of problems involving private plumbing.

-  If you are having difficulties paying please contact us so we can assist you. How we collect payments, follow up and can assist you is outlined in our debt management code of practice.

Our website is regularly updated with information on projects, services and other news that will be of interest to you as a Watercare customer and a resident of Auckland, so please keep checking.