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As part of our citizens’ assembly, we are inviting individuals, community groups, companies and organisations to have a say on our future water system and the potential options citizens are going to discuss.

For background on the project, please have a look at this webpage.

We are inviting those of you with an interest in Auckland’s water future to share your feedback. We want to know what you think about two key aspects of what we’re doing:

  • the process of setting up and running a citizens’ assembly

  • the material we’re presenting as potential solutions for supplementing Auckland’s water sources.

Have your say

These are draft documents. Please take the opportunity to improve them so that we have the best chance of running a fair, transparent and successful assembly – the first of its kind – with the participants who will give a significant amount of time to this mahi (work) on behalf of others. Our university partners will organise the feedback you provide and relevant points and information will be included for the participants, at a level that is accessible to everyone. We are committed to listening to your feedback, be it technical, cultural, strategic or merely correcting something that just doesn’t read right.
We also strongly recommend you read the Auckland Water Strategy for context. This document will help you understand the purpose of the assembly (empowered Aucklanders working towards a better water future), the water security framework (including targets Auckland is already committed to) and the Māori worldview which will inform the respectful, positive and welcoming way the assembly will be facilitated.

Please read the materials before submitting your feedback:


To have your say, please click the button below. Submissions close Friday, 8 July.

Citizen's assembly group discussion