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This section of the website allows local board members and members of the community to see what projects and activities we have underway in this particular local board area.

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A significant challenge for the Franklin local board area is the transition from rural/city fringe to metropolitan and keeping pace with associated land development and infrastructure connectivity. Since the amalgamation of Auckland Council in 2010, the Franklin area has been a significant benefactor of our team’s knowledge and experience. Investment in water and wastewater services across the area has improved the quality, safety, and compliance of services. Immediately following amalgamation, we undertook a four year $116m project connecting local water networks with Auckland’s metro water supply while also upgrading rural water treatment plants. Several smaller wastewater treatment plants were also upgraded.

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Wastewater from private residences and from non-domestic sites goes into the wastewater network and is pumped to treatment plants for treatment and disposal. In this local board area, there are public networks in Clevedon, Beachlands-Maraetai, Kawakawa Bay, Clarks Beach, Waiuku and Pukekohe. These feed treatment plants at Beachlands, Kawakawa Bay, Kingseat, Clarks Beach and Waiuku.
There are significant plants to expand wastewater treatment from the rapidly growing communities in Kingseat, Clarks Beach, Glenbrook Beach and Waiuku. The South West wastewater servicing project aims to keep our communities healthy, protect water quality and ecology of the harbour, and provide for mana whenua’s cultural objectives. Catering for growth and keeping service costs at sustainable levels is also priority.


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Drinking water for Pukekohe comes primarily from the Waikato water treatment plant but also from the recently recommissioned Hickey Springs water treatment plant. This feeds into the newly constructed Pukekohe East reservoirs and the smaller reservoirs at Totara Place, Kitchener, Anzac Road, and Hill reservoir. Water reservoirs are placed along the network to guarantee supply during times of peak demand and smooth flows during the day. Patumahoe is served from the main trunk line along Patumahoe Road that fills the Patumahoe Reservoir. The line continues along Kingseat Road to Clarks Beach, Glenbrook Beach and Waiau Beach. Clevedon is served primarily by the Ardmore water treatment plant where nearly two thirds of Auckland’s water is treated. Other communities get their water from groundwater or springs. Bombay has a water treatment plant on Barber Road that fills the Paparata Road reservoir. For Waiuku, drinking water flows via three water treatment plants at Cornwall Road, Victoria Avenue and Waiuku Road. Water supply in Beachlands is sourced from groundwater via a private supplier, and from private rain tanks. Whitford and Maraetai are also supplied water privately, primarily through rain tanks.

Photo: Ardmore water treatment plant

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