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Welcome to the Hibiscus and Bays local board hub

This section of the website allows local board members and members of the community to see what projects and activities we have underway in this local board area. Hibiscus and Bays is a large area that is growing rapidly. We are working closely with developers and other agencies to service this growth.

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Wastewater from private residences and non-domestic sites goes into the wastewater network and is pumped to wastewater treatment plants for treatment and disposal. The network in Hibiscus and Bays is extensive and spread over the Waiwera, Orewa, Whangaparāoa, Weiti, Long Bays, and East Coast Bays. There are approximately 1079km of wastewater pipes across the area. Waiwera is serviced by its own treatment plant, while Orewa, Silverdale, Stillwater and Whangaparāoa connect to the Army Bay treatment plant (see below map). In East Coast Bays, the network connects to the treatment plant at Rosedale via a series of large pump stations at Long Bay, Beach Road, Browns Bay and Mairangi Bay.

There has been significant investment in the local board area. In 2015, a new wastewater network was installed in Orewa West enabling development in the northern Orewa catchment. A major upgrade to the wastewater main from Mairangi Bay to East Coast Road (Windsor Park) was completed in 2016. The Army Bay wastewater treatment plant was upgraded in 2018, having its outfall replaced and UV treatment upgraded. A new 1m diameter wastewater tunnel was built connecting the Milldale development with the Orewa pump station. The wastewater system in Milldale was also designed to accommodate future growth in Silverdale West.

Construction is underway on a new wastewater pump station with storage at Mairangi Bay. This will transfer flows from the East Coast Bays area, pumping over the ridge and into the Rosedale plant for treatment. This project is important for reducing wet weather overflows onto local beaches and helping accommodate growth. Work also continues on the expansion of the Rosedale wastewater treatment plant including the extension of a new wastewater pipeline (East Coast Bays link sewer) to connect Mairangi Bay to Rosedale.


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Drinking water for the Hibiscus Coast area primarily comes from the Waitākere and Huia water treatment plants. The main line stretches from the west via the Glenvar reservoir along East Coast Road to the East Coast Road and Hibiscus Coast pump stations. It splits at the Hibiscus Coast Highway to fill the Maire Road, Westhoe, Hillcrest Road reservoirs in Orewa. It is also connected to the pump stations at Hatfields Beach and Waiwera. Water reservoirs are placed along the network to guarantee supply during times of peak demand and smooth flows during the day. The Whangaparāoa line fills the Marellen, Scott Road, Wade, and Tindalls reservoirs.

Drinking water for East Coast Bays primarily comes from Ardmore and Waikato water treatment plants. The network crosses onto the North Shore via large water pipes (North Shore 1 and 2) that sit underneath the Harbour Bridge. The main trunk line fills the Crown Hill, Kowhai Road, Pinehill, Albany and Glenvar reservoirs.

The Hibiscus Coast area receives significant benefits from investments in the west of Auckland, such as plant upgrades to the Huia water treatment plant. Recent large investment in our Waikato treatment plant and the Hūnua 4 watermain ensures high quality drinking water is delivered to the city and East Coast Bays.


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