Māngere-Ōtāhuhu local board

Welcome to the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu local board hub

This section of the website allows local board members and members of the community to keep up to date with projects and activities we have underway in this particular local board area. The Māngere-Ōtāhuhu local board area is home to our largest asset - the Māngere wastewater treatment plant.

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Wastewater from private residences and non-domestic sites goes into the wastewater network and is pumped to treatment plants for treatment and disposal. The wastewater network is extensive and spread over the Māngere and Puhinui catchment areas. In the north, the Western Interceptor transports wastewater from Māngere Bridge, and the Eastern Interceptor transports wastewater from Māngere East, Favona and Ōtāhuhu. The Southwestern Interceptor transports wastewater from the Airport area.

Recent investment in the local wastewater network includes upgrades of the Māngere and Archboyd pump stations.


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The area's drinking water comes from Ardmore and Waikato water treatment plants. From the south, the Hūnua 4 line serves Māngere East, Māngere and Māngere Bridge. From the east, the Māngere watermain serves Ōtāhuhu, Favona and joins Hūnua 4 at Kirkbride Road. The significant expansion of Redoubt Road reservoir will bring more capacity and resilience to the local water supply.


Projects that are underway