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This section of the website allows local board members and members of the community to keep up to date with projects and activities we have underway in this particular local board area.

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Veolia operates the retail water and wastewater infrastructure in Papakura under a legacy franchise agreement with us.

Wastewater from private residences and from non-domestic sites goes into our network and is pumped to the Māngere wastewater treatment plant for treatment and disposal. The main wastewater pipe through the area is the Southern Interceptor. The wastewater journey begins at Drury branch sewer that joins the Papakura South sewer at the Hingaia 63 pump station. This joins the Southern Interceptor which starts at Parker Street in South Papakura. Pahurehure is served by the Papakura North branch and Takanini by the Takanini branch. The coastal communities around Karaka and Conifer Grove are served by pump stations.

There are significant plans to improve the bulk wastewater network in Papakura. The Hingaia Rising Main project is currently at the planning stage. The project is an important transmission main transferring wastewater from the southern growth areas of Ōpaheke, Hingaia, Drury South and West.


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Drinking water for the area comes from the newly commissioned Papakura water treatment and the Ardmore and Waikato water treatment plants. The main line is the Waikato 1 watermain that runs from the south through Drury. The Drury pump station then boosts the water north through Ōpaheke to the new Waikato booster pump station. It joins the Papakura 4 watermain that transports water from the Papakura water treatment plant. The new booster pump station increases the supply of water along the Waikato pipeline to Redoubt Road reservoirs. In Papakura, the Papakura-Kaipara Road reservoir north of Red Hill guarantees supply during times of peak demand and helps smooth flows during the day.

Papakura water treatment plant is currently in operation with further upgrades due. Works have been completed on Dominion Road to install a pipeline as part of connections to the main network.