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This section allows local board members and members of the community to keep up to date with projects and activities we have underway in this particular local board area.

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The Rodney local board has a diverse range of wastewater treatment areas. In the Kumeu subdivision, wastewater from Huapai and Kumeu is pumped to the east along Old Rail Road where it joins the main pipeline from Riverhead. It then journeys south through Whenuapai via the metropolitan network to Māngere wastewater treatment plant for treatment. Waimauku is serviced by the Denehurst wastewater treatment plant, while Helensville and Parakai are serviced by the Helensville wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater from Omaha and the surrounding areas flows to the Omaha wastewater treatment plant. Warkworth is serviced by the Warkworth wastewater treatment plant via the Lilburn and Warkworth pump stations. Wastewater from the Snells Beach area is pumped via Sunburst Avenue, Riverleigh Drive and Hamatana pump stations to the Snells Beach-Algies Bay wastewater treatment plant.

Warkworth is expected to grow significantly over the next few decades with up to 20,000 people expected to move to the area. In response to this growth, we are undertaking a number of wastewater infrastructure projects, namely the Warkworth wastewater scheme. This scheme will reduce overflows and discharges into the Mahurangi River.

Image of our networks in the Rodney area

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In the Kumeu subdivision, water is supplied via the metropolitan network primarily from Huia water treatment plant. The Kumeu/Riverhead watermain takes water to a reservoir on Old North Road which in turn supplies the Kumeu/Riverhead area. Drinking water for the rest of the local board area comes from various water treatment plants, including those at Muriwai, Helensville, Warkworth, Snells Algies and Wellsford. Mangakura Dam 1 and Sandhills Weir feed into the Helensville water treatment plant that supplies Helensville and Parakai.

The Helensville plant was commissioned in 1976 and has had a series of upgrades. The Wellsford water treatment plant was commissioned in 1960 with an extension added in 1978. That treatment plant draws from the Hoteo River and uses a multi-barrier process to produce and supply water. Muriwai and Snells Algies water treatment plants draw from groundwater. Muriwai was commissioned in 1970 and draws from Gun Spring, while Snells Algies was commissioned in 1976 and draws from two groundwater bores located on-site. The new Warkworth Wells treatment plant was commissioned in 2018 and is our largest water treatment plant not connected to the metropolitan network. The new facility took 18 months to build and doubled capacity for this fast-growing region.