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This section allows local board members and members of the community to keep up to date with projects and activities we have underway in this particular local board area.

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On the Whenuapai/Hobsonville side of the isthmus, wastewater from private residences and non-domestic sites goes into the wastewater network through the Massey North branch line and is pumped via the Whenuapai branch line by the Whenuapai and Hobsonville Peninsula pump stations. Hobsonville pump stations 1–5 and the Scott Point pump station push wastewater flows through the network along the coast, across to West Harbour and to the Māngere wastewater treatment plant.

On the Greenhithe side of the isthmus, the Albany pump station pumps wastewater to the Albany West branch sewer and on to the Rosedale wastewater treatment plant. The Greenhithe area is surrounded by small pump stations that push wastewater uphill to the big Remu, Koki and Awatahi pump stations. These pump wastewater along the main line on Church House Road which joins the Greenhithe rising main and flows through to the Rosedale wastewater treatment plant.


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Drinking water for the area comes via the Waitākere 2 watermain to the Hobsonville pump station and on to the North Harbour watermain. The North Harbour watermain crosses the Upper Harbour motorway and is pumped to the Schnapper Rock area via the Glenvar 1 watermain from the Schnapper Rock pump station. The Albany watermain services Albany and surrounding suburbs, whilst the Cuthill watermain flows through to the Cuthill reservoir and on to the Glenfield watermains.


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