Waitākere Ranges local board

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This section allows local board members and members of the community to keep up to date with projects and activities we have underway in this particular local board area.

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We provide wastewater services to the Swanson, Waiatarua, Oratia, Glen Eden, Titirangi and Laingholm areas. In the north-west, wastewater flows from private residences and non-domestic sites travel through the Swanson and Ranui lines to the large Western Interceptor. In the south-west, wastewater flows through the Glen Eden, Oratia, and Henderson Valley main branches to the Western Interceptor. The wastewater from Laingholm and Titirangi is pumped along the coast via the Titirangi branch to meet the Western Interceptor in New Lynn. From there, it is pumped to the Māngere wastewater treatment plant for treatment and disposal.


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At the northern end of the local board, drinking water is provided by the Waitākere water treatment plant via the Waitākere 1 and Waitākere 2 watermains.

Raw water from Huia Dam flows via Lower Huia combined raw watermain to the Lower Huia raw water pump station and Huia Village treatment plant. It is then sent to Huia and the Huia Village reservoir through the Huia Village treatment plant pipeline.

Upper Huia Dam provides water through the Upper Huia junction raw watermain into the Upper/Lower Huia combined raw watermain to a transmission chamber which joins Lower Nihotupu. Mackies raw watermain flows through to the Nihotupu and Huia water treatment plants. From there, treated water flows to the Nihotupu reservoir and down to Titirangi via the Nihotupu 1 watermain. The Huia 1 treated watermain flows to Titirangi reservoir and pump station, out to Konini Road and down to the Kaurilands area. The Pleasant Road pump station pumps water from Waitākere 1, Huia and Nihotupu watermains through to surrounding suburbs via the Huia 2 watermain.


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