Service delivery hub

By operating and maintaining a vast network of treatment plants, reservoirs, pumps and pipes, we ensure our customers receive safe, high quality drinking water. Water is an essential part of life, so maintaining and upgrading Auckland's water assets is crucial. We're constantly planning and building new infrastructure to address the challenges presented by climate change and population growth. This is all part of our long-term plan to safeguard our water supply for generations to come.

Where your water comes from

Learn about our main water sources: dams in the Waitākere and Hūnua Ranges, an aquifer in Onehunga and the Waikato River

Aerial image of our Mangere wastewater treatment plant

Treating wastewater

Find out how we collect 410 million litres of wastewater and treat it to a very high standard
Watercare staff member talking on the phone with a customer

Caring for our communities

Learn about how we care for our communities: commercial and residential bill-paying customers, as well as residents and visitors to Auckland
Image of one of our dam team measuring an eel

Caring for the environment

Learn about how we're caring for the environment and minimising our impact

Image of Mangatangi Dam in June 2020 during the drought

Drought management plan

The plan details how we respond to droughts, and the trigger levels used to enter and exit water restrictions
Image of lower nihotupu dam overflowing in september 2021

Water supply situation

Read about the work we're doing to make Auckland's water supply more resilient