​​​​Warkworth-Snells-Algies wastewater services

Construction of the Snells Algies wastewater pipe upgrade.

At a later date, we are also planning to build a new wastewater treatment plant at Snells Beach.

Start–finish: September 2019–December 2020
Location: Snells Beach, Algies Bay
Status: Construction

What’s happening?

As the Snells and Algies Bay communities continue to grow, we will soon begin work to replace the wastewater pipe along a section of Mahurangi East Road and the ageing outfall pipe off the end of the Mahurangi Peninsula. Our contractor, McConnell Dowell, will install sections of the pipe using open trenching as well as innovative tunnelling. The seaward section of the outfall pipe will be towed by a boat and sunk in place.

The project
• Constructing 4.5 kilometres of a replacement wastewater pipe which follows the road alignment along Mahurangi East Road (from Dawson Road to Miller Way) via open trenching.
• Using a tunnel boring machine to construct two kilometres of trenchless pipe under farm land.
• Laying a 250 metre outfall pipeline on the seabed off Martin’s Bay for disposal of high quality treated effluent from the Snells Algies wastewater treatment plant.

This is the first stage of works to ensure we can meet population growth in the Warkworth, Snells Beach and Algies Bay communities. At a later stage we will be constructing a wastewater pipe from Warkworth to a new Snells Algies wastewater treatment plant, and decommissioning the Warkworth wastewater treatment plant. The route for this is still to be finalised.

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What are the benefits?

•  Upgrading the wastewater network to serve the growing population.
•  Replacing old wastewater pipes to reduce the risk of pipeline failure.

How will this work affect you?

•  Some traffic layout changes will be in place along Mahurangi East Road during construction. We will provide advance notice to help minimise disruption.
• Access to businesses and residential addresses will remain open during the works.
• Construction will be fenced for the safety of the public.
• Working hours will typically be 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. If we are required to work outside these hours we will notify you in advance.

Any questions?

Email: Snellsalgiesoutfall@water.co.nz
Phone: Celeste Rauner, McConnell Dowell on 0508 623 266. Alternatively, you can call our project manager Dirk DuPlessis on 09 442 2222.
For queries about the wastewater pipe from Warkworth and the upgrade of the Snells Algies wastewater treatment plant, email warkworthsnells@water.co.nz.

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