Alma and Shakespeare roads wastewater pipeline replacement

A new pipeline will be built to replace the aging pipeline and prevent further breaks.

Start–finish: January 2022 until July 2022
Location: Alma Road and Shakespeare Road
Project type: Pipeline replacement
Status: Construction

Shakespeare Road traffic management update

From Tuesday 19 April, our contractor will be working hard on the wastewater pipeline replacement project along Shakespeare Road (at a point near Alma Road). During the works, the road will remain two lanes and there will be two-way traffic around the site. As our site is in the middle of the road, traffic management will be in place to ensure your safety and that of our contractor. Please expect some speed reductions. Stay safe and please follow all signage. Click here for more information.

Why is the project needed?

The wastewater pipeline is aging and needs to be replaced to prevent further breaks.

The work

The pipeline replacement stretches from our pump station located at 21 Alma Road to a point near 171 Shakespeare Road. To construct the pipeline we will be moving down the road in 100-200m sections. Traffic management will be in place for safety of our workers and the public. Alma Road will be one-lane around the works with traffic lights. Shakespeare Road will remain two-way traffic (contraflow) around the works. Please stay safe around the construction site.

Click here to view the map detailing the section of pipeline that needs to be replaced.