Army Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant outfall replacement

Planning is under way to replace the Army Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant's ageing outfall pipe.

Start-finish: August 2017 – early 2019
Location: Army Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant, Army Bay
Status: Construction

What's happening?

The Army Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant currently services the population of Whangaparāoa Peninsula, Ōrewa, Hatfields Beach and Silverdale. Operational since 1982, it treats wastewater and discharges it through a 2.8 kilometre outfall pipe that extends one kilometre out into the fast-flowing Tiri Channel.

The existing outfall pipe is aging and not designed to cope with future growth. Work is underway to install a replacement pipe which will be sized sufficiently to accommodate for predicted population growth. The pipe will be installed from the Watercare’s Wastewater Treatment Plant across the peninsula, within the New Zealand Defence Force-restricted land area. 

Installed using trenchless technology, will go underground and discharge at the same location as the existing pipe.​

Diagram showing the Army Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant, its existing pipeline and outfall and the route of the new pipeline and outfall.

What are the benefits?

  • Catering for population growth in the area
  • Upgrading of infrastructure pipes, ensuring network reliability

How will the works affect you?

  • Constructed mainly within New Zealand Defence Force-restricted land, the project will have minimal impact on the community
  • Increased truck movements to and from the treatment plant site

Any questions?

Please contact the project manager:
Dirk Du Plessis
Phone: 0225100122

More information

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Project overview video:

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