Castor Bay wastewater pipeline replacement project

A new pipeline will be built on Beach Road to replace the aging pipeline and prevent further breaks.
Start–finish: 24 May until September 2021
Location: Beach Road (from Aberdeen Road to The Esplanade).
Project type: Pipeline replacement
Status: Construction

View traffic notice here.

Why is the project needed?

The pipeline on Beach Road is aging and needs to be replaced. This section of the pipeline has had a few breaks in the past year and due to its age and condition it needs to be replaced to prevent further breaks.

Traffic management will be in place

To construct the pipeline we will be moving down the road in 100-200m sections. The road will be one-way around the works. Traffic controllers or signals will be in place to direct traffic through the one-way section. Please stay safe around the construction site - follow signs and the directions given by site personnel.

Refer to the map below for the section of pipeline that needs to be replaced.