Clevedon water and wastewater network

Clevedon village residents will soon be able to connect to mains water and wastewater services.

Start – finish: We expect the contract to be awarded mid-2018 with detailed design to be completed after this, and we anticipate connections to the network will be available early 2020
Location: Clevedon
Status: Planning

What's happening?

We are planning to build water and wastewater networks in Clevedon village.

Construction of our water and wastewater networks may begin at the end of the year and will include a water reservoir and wastewater pump stations.

The water will be supplied by the Ardmore Water Treatment Plant in Creightons Road. The wastewater network will be a vacuum system similar to Kawakawa Bay, with wastewater being transported via Papakura for treatment at the Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant. Once the scheme is developed, connections will be available.

What are the benefits? 

It is anticipated that new properties within the village will connect to the network. Existing properties within Clevedon Village that are currently on private water supplies and on-site wastewater systems will also be able to connect to our water and wastewater network. Costs are still to be determined.
We will be providing more information over the coming months, as more details become available. 

Any questions?

If you have any specific questions about this project, please contact;
Rod Finlayson, coordinator project management:
Phone: (09) 442 2222

More information

Newsletter (June 2018)