Dunkirk Road wastewater upgrades project

Upgrading the wastewater network to cater for growth in Panmure and surrounding suburbs.

Start-finish: June 2022 – late 2024
Location: Dunkirk Road, Panmure
Status: Construction

What’s happening?

To cater for current and future growth in the area we will be building:

Stage 1:
  • A new pump station on the corner of Tangaroa Street and Dunkirk Road. It will have larger pumps and additional storage tanks to facilitate the storage of wastewater and prevent overflows during wet weather.
  • An upgraded gravity main and rising main along Dunkirk Road from Tangaroa Street to Johnson Reserve
Stage 2:
  • A new connector pipeline from the Dunkirk Pump Station to take flows on a more direct route to the Eastern Interceptor

What happens next?

The construction activities for the Stage 1 works started mid-June and site establishment at the pump station is in progress. This is planned to be completed by end of July 2022. Concurrently, there will be works happening in the pump station to divert the existing storm water and sewer mains to facilitate the excavation for pump station and storage tanks. The bulk excavation of storage tanks and pump station is planned to commence August 2022.

The construction of gravity pipeline on Dunkirk Road and reserve will commence August 2022 and is scheduled for completion August 2023.

How will this work affect you?

  • During construction of pipelines there may be some traffic disruption – we will notify the public of any traffic management and layout changes prior to construction
  • Construction sites will be fenced to ensure public safety
  • The works will generate some noise and increased construction related traffic to our sites
  • Working hours will be 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday

Any questions?

Please email: [email protected]

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