Dunkirk Road wastewater upgrades project

Upgrading the wastewater network to cater for growth in Panmure and surrounding suburbs.

Start-finish: June 2022 – late 2024
Location: Dunkirk Road, Panmure
Status: Construction
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The project

To cater for current and future growth in the area we are building:

Stage 1 works:

  • A new pump station on the corner of Tangaroa Street and Dunkirk Road. It will have larger pumps and additional storage tanks to facilitate the storage of wastewater and prevent overflows during wet weather.

  • An upgraded gravity main and rising main along Dunkirk Road from Tangaroa Street to Johnson Reserve

Stage 2 works:

  • A new connector pipeline from the Dunkirk Pump Station to take flows on a more direct route to the Eastern Interceptor

The construction activities for the Stage 1 works started mid-June and site establishment at the pump station is now complete. Concurrently, there are works happening in the pump station to divert the existing stormwater and wastewater to facilitate the excavation for pump station and storage tanks. A 75-tonne crawler crane is on-site to assist with this work by vibrating the sheet piles into the ground to enable the bulk excavation of the chamber. This will house storage tanks and the pump station. The work is taking place in various locations between September 2022 and November 2023. The construction of a gravity pipeline on Dunkirk Road and reserve commenced in August 2022 and is scheduled for completion in September 2023.

December 2023 project update

  • Completed the laying of the gravity trunk sewer - 869-metres

  • Installed 46 manholes

  • Completed the manhole installation and pipe work within Johnson Reserve

  • Finished laying the collector main pipeline – 500-metres

  • Completed laying all 32 new house lateral connections

  • Installed 15 manholes

  • Completed the installation of the valve chamber, wet well and inlet manhole at the pump station

  • Commenced construction of the pump station control building

Coming up

  • Road reinstatement works are to be carried out between Benghazi and Alamein Roads

  • Install the jib crane and davit arm at the pump station - this machinery will assist with any faults at the pump station

Dunkirk Fast Facts

The latest traffic information

Click here for the road closure map or see image below

Since Monday 13 March, our crews have been working on the gravity main. Not far behind them, a second crew has been installing the collector main pipes. This has made the road busy with ground crews, trucks and heavy construction machinery. Dunkirk Road between Tobruk Road and Alamein Road is closed to through traffic with resident only access. Traffic controllers are on-site during daylight hours.

How will this work affect you?

  • Access in and out of your property will be restricted as the pipe installation progresses past your driveway. Jess from Fulton Hogan's stakeholder team will contact each resident directly to discuss access options.

    • Temporary ramps may be put in place to assist with driveway access into properties

    • While work is taking place directly in front of your property during the day, please utilise street parking where possible. Our friendly traffic controllers can assist you with this. At night, we can assist with vehicle access into your property.

    • Your driveway access may be impacted for 3-5 days.

  • Traffic controllers will be available to assist during work hours

  • This work will create noise, dust and vibration. We will make every effort to ensure we are working within our allowable limits.

  • Resident only access will be permitted. Courier/delivery services will be permitted access through the road closure. If you are expecting any large trucks or large deliveries, please let the Fulton Hogan team know.

  • On rubbish collection day, please put your bin on the side of the road as usual. Our team will shift the bins to allow ease of access for the collection trucks.

  • Working hours will be 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday; Saturday will be utilised at times throughout the project.

  • Construction sites will be fenced to ensure public safety

  • The works will generate some noise and increased construction related traffic to our sites

Should you have any questions about the above, please contact Jess Mani from the Fulton Hogan team on 0800 947 007 or 027 560 3550.

Map of the Benghazi Road closure in Panmure

Our work in pictures

In March, four 166,000 litre glass fibre-reinforced plastic storage tanks and four two-metre-wide maintenance holes were delivered to site. Before being lifted into place by crane, the team installed 160 sheet piles 14-metres underground and dug a further six metres to install the drainage and gravel bed for the tanks and manholes. So, how do the tanks work? Wastewater will be transported to them via a gravity main. The tanks will store wastewater until the network is ready for it to be pumped to a treatment plant. All this work will result in fewer wastewater overflows into the environment.

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