Dunkirk Road wastewater upgrades project

To cater for growth and reduce wastewater overflows into the Tamaki River.

Start-finish: June 2022 – late 2024
Location: Dunkirk Road, Panmure
Status: Construction
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March 2024 update

The jib crane was successfully installed on Monday 18 March and work on the access driveway is commencing. So far we have installed the concrete curbs with further pavement layers being laid. The final asphalt layer will be completed during the week. 

The landscaping of this area will start mid April and will take about a month to complete. A landscape specialist has provided plant species suitable for the site with a preference towards natives. Please see the landscaping plan below.

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Landscaping plan for the Dunkirk project

The project

Over the past 18 months, we have been working on the corner of Dunkirk Road and Tangaroa Street to construct a new pump station. We have also been working along Dunkirk Road installing a new gravity pipeline. This infrastructure will enable further development and service the growing population while reducing the risk of overflows into the Tāmaki River.

Stage 1 works

  • A new pump station on the corner of Tangaroa Street and Dunkirk Road. The increased capacity storage tanks and larger pumps will facilitate the storage of wastewater and reduce overflows during wet weather.

  • A new gravity main along Dunkirk Road from Tangaroa Street to Johnson Reserve. This is now complete.

Stage 2 works

  • A new rising main from the Dunkirk pump station to take flows on a more direct route to the Eastern Interceptor. This project will take place at a yet to be determined time.

The construction activities for Stage 1 works started mid-June and are now nearing completion. Currently, there are works happening in the pump station to complete the electrical switch room, making it watertight before installation of the electrical components. Additionally, the driveway hard stands, jib crane and davit arm will be installed within the next two months.

The jib crane is required for operational and maintenance purposes on the wet well and valve chamber. The pumps that will be installed in the wet well will weigh almost 1.5tonnes each, hence the need for a jib crane. This will be a permanent installation.

The jib crane height is 4.5-metres and has a swing radius of 5.2-metres. After listening to community concerns regarding the proposed yellow colour, it will now be rangoon green.
The jib crane at Dunkirk Road
Image: Jib crane

Our work in pictures

In March, four 166,000 litre glass fibre-reinforced plastic storage tanks and four two-metre-wide maintenance holes were delivered to site. Before being lifted into place by crane, the team installed 160 sheet piles 14-metres underground and dug a further six metres to install the drainage and gravel bed for the tanks and manholes. So, how do the tanks work? Wastewater will be transported to them via a gravity main. The tanks will store wastewater until the network is ready for it to be pumped to a treatment plant. All this work will result in fewer wastewater overflows into the environment.

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