Glen Innes wastewater upgrade

​​​We are upgrading the wastewater network in Glen Innes.
Start-finish: 2018 - 2020
Location: Glen Innes
Status:  Design

What’s happening?

This project involves several works.

  • Building a wastewater pipeline, which will act as a 4000m³ storage tunnel. Most of the work will be below ground.
  • Replacing the wastewater pump station in Maybury Reserve.
  • Upgrading local branch sewers, which will run next to Tamaki College and Glen Innes Aquatic Centre, within sections of Elstree Avenue and Taniwha Street.
  • Building a new wastewater overflow chamber and outlet.
When the work is finished we will demolish the current pipes and structures in Auckland Council parks land and the Glen Innes Play Centre. 

What are the benefits?

  • Upgrading the wastewater transmission capacity to serve the growing population, particularly as Auckland Council and the government have identified parts of Glen Innes as a Special Housing Area.
  • Removing old and exposed wastewater pipes and equipment, which will improve the appearance of the public amenity.
  • Replacing old wastewater pipes, to reduce the risk of pipeline failure.
  • Reducing wastewater overflows into the local waterways, helping to improve public health and environmental quality.

How will this work affect you?

There may be temporary restrictions. We will confirm the details as the project gets underway.

Any questions?

Please contact the project manager:
Bryan Jackson 
Phone: 021 9840 464 

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