Hays Creek/Papakura water supply

Return to service of the Papakura Water Treatment Plant
Start-finish: July – December 2020
Location: Treatment plant upgrade at 241 Hunua Rd, and watermain construction will be carried out from 241 Hunua Road through Papakura
Status: Construction

What’s happening?

Auckland is in the grips of a severe drought. As part of our response we are bringing back into service the Papakura Water Treatment which sources water from Hays Creek Dam. We are also constructing a new watermain. This means that by December 2020 we will be able to supply Aucklanders with an extra 6 MLD (million litres) of Aa-graded drinking water.

What are the benefits?

  • Ensuring we can continue to supply Aa-graded water that is compliant with the drinking water standards for New Zealand
  • Increase resilience and operational flexibility of the water supply system

Treatment plant upgrade

The Papakura Water Treatment Plant located at 241 Hūnua Road was originally constructed in the 1950’s and treated water from Hays Creek Dam. It has been out of service for approximately 15 years, however, in response to the drought we are bringing it back into service.  A new modular treatment plant is being constructed within the existing site and will be up and running in December.

Hunua Road traffic management

From early December to end of February 2021, there will be reduced speed around the intersection of Hūnua Road and Dominion Road in Papakura while we construct a pipe bridge. The traffic speed will be reduced to 30km/h to protect workers and road users. Two-way traffic will be maintained and there will be intermittent stop-go traffic control.
There will be temporary traffic management in place when we use a crane to shift the pipe bridge into place. These major works will be scheduled during off-peak traffic to minimise the impact on road users. Stop-go traffic controllers will be based on Hūnua Road and Dominion Road, with one-way traffic during this part of the works. Access to driveways will be maintained when traffic management is in place.

The map below details the traffic management zone in yello and the works in red.
Hunua Road and Dominion Road traffic management

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the pipe being built along Hūnua Road and not through farmland? Why is it being built using open trenching rather than trenchless technologies?
We are constructing a new water treatment plant and watermain as part of our response to the drought. This infrastructure is needed so we can provide additional water supply by December and assist with summer peak demand. Time constraints rule out the option of constructing the pipe through farmland as private land agreements take time. Due to COVID-19 and the scale of the work, trenchless technology would not be feasible as specialist equipment and staff are overseas, while some staff have been let go due to COVID-19. With quarantine requirements and strict border controls in place trenchless options are not feasible. In addition to the time constraints, there are hydraulic restrictions and areas of natural beauty (native vegetation) that mean open trenching through farmland is not possible.

How do we notify road users?
VMS (Variable Message Signs) digital boards are the most effective way to communicate with road users. These will be put in place in advance of the works, while we have already placed traffic notices in local newspapers. Facebook posts targeted to the Papakura and Hūnua areas along with letters to the wider community (including schools and cycling groups) have been be written to communicate that the works are taking place.

What traffic control will be used?
There will be traffic lights plus traffic controllers onsite 24/7.

How long will the wait be?
Specialist modelling was completed as part of the traffic management plan submission. At peak traffic times we anticipate your journey will be extended by 20-25 minutes. It is recommended you factor this into your travel time.

How are you working to ensure the pipe is constructed within the expected timeframe?
We have sufficient resourcing to install the pipe as quickly and safely as possible. Progress will be tracked, and additional resourcing will be sourced if required.

Any other questions?

Email: papakurawtp@water.co.nz
Alternatively, you can contact us on (09) 442-2222

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