Hays Creek/Papakura water supply

Return to service of the Papakura Water Treatment Plant

Phase two of the return to service of the Papakura Water Treatment Plant
Start-finish: May – December 2021
Location: Dominion Road, Papakura
Status: Construction

What’s happening?

In February 2021, we reinstated the Hays Creek Dam after constructing the temporary Papakura Water Treatment Plant which is playing a vital role in boosting Auckland’s water supply. It can provide up to six million litres a day and the completion of a permanent plant later this year will lift peak production to 12 million litres a day. As part of this project we constructed a new watermain along Hūnua Road. We are now constructing a new water pipe along Dominion Road, between Settlement Road and Hūnua Road in Papakura.

What are the benefits?

  • Ensuring we can continue to supply safe and reliable water that is compliant with New Zealand's drinking water standards
  • Increase resilience and operational flexibility of the water supply system

Dominion Road traffic management

From May-December 2021 there will be traffic management/one-way traffic in place while we construct the pipe. Updates will be displayed on digital messaging boards before motorists reach the construction area. Two crews will be working simultaneously to install the pipe as quickly as possible. Night-works may take place on occasion but noise mitigation will be in place. Sections of the road will be re-instated as the works progresses. Please follow signage and take care around the construction area.

Two sections of work are progressing

Section 1: Dominion Road is closed between Red Hill and Hunua Roads from 8 June for around three months. Alternative routes are signposted. A stop-go system will also be in place at either side of the Hūnua Road and Dominion Road intersection. This is to ensure a safe work area for our ground crew.
Section 2: One-way traffic is in place with traffic flowing from Settlement Road towards Dent Place from 22 June for around nine weeks. Access to Dent Place will not be affected during this time. Please follow posted signage to navigate around the work site.

The map below details the works area
Dominion Road traffic management map, June 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we notify road users?
VMS (Variable Message Signs) digital boards are the most effective way to communicate with road users - these will be put in place in advance of the works. Traffic notices in local newspapers, Facebook posts targeted to the Papakura and Hūnua areas, and letters to Dominion Road residents will communicate the works that are taking place.

What traffic control will be used?
There will be traffic lights 24/7 and traffic controllers on site.

How are we working to ensure the pipe is constructed within the expected timeframe?
We have two crews working simultaneously to construct the pipe as quickly and safely as possible.

Any other questions?

Email: [email protected]
Alternatively, you can contact us on (09) 442-2222

More information about the dam

Hays Creek Dam information sheet - June 2021

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