Huia water treatment plant community liaison group

A community liaison group has been formed to work with us as we develop the proposal for the new water treatment plant. The group is chaired by long-term local and environmentalist Paul Walbran and includes invited representatives from the community.

The intention is to encourage constructive community dialogue with a view to optimising design, minimising adverse effects and delivering good community outcomes. Discussions cover plant and landscape design, construction activities, future use of historical buildings, amenity values ecological surveys and realignment and enhancement of the existing Clarks Bush walkway.

The group's terms of reference, information and meeting minutes will all be made available in the information section below.​

The group is formed of representatives from:
West Auckland Historical Society
Titirangi Protection Group
Waitakere Community Liaison Group
Waitakere Ranges Protection Society
Titirangi Residents and Ratepayers Association
Auckland Botanical Society
Waima Restoration Protection Society
Tree Council
Forest and Bird Waitakere branch ​

More information:

Community Liaison Group meeting minutes (26 February 2018)
Community Liaison Group meeting minutes (9 October 2017)
Community Liaison Group Minutes (17 September 2017)​
Community Liaison Group Minutes (19 July 2017)
Community Liaison Group Minutes (5 July 2017)
Terms of reference for the community liaison group​

Early consultation
Focus Group workshop presentation (6 December 2016)
Meeting minutes (4 February 2016)
Focus Group workshop presentation (18 November 2015)
Meeting minutes (18 November 2015)

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