Huia water treatment plant replacement consent application process

Site selection

On 30 May 2017 the Watercare Board selected Manuka Road in Waima (Titirangi) as the location for the replacement Huia Water Treatment Plant. The Waima location was selected following a comprehensive assessment which initially identified more than 100 sites. These were reduced to 19 following further analysis. A multi-criteria analysis narrowed the 19 options to the four shortlisted sites, two in Parker Road, Oratia, the existing site and Manuka Road, Waima.

The replacement treatment plant is proposed to be set back at the intersection of Woodlands Park Road and Manuka Road and is part of a wider improvement of the western water supply. Two new treated water reservoirs are also planned along with a treated water pipeline suppling the community between the plant and Albany. Sections of the raw water pipelines from the dams will also be upgraded.

Watercare management report to the Watercare Board (June 2017)
Approved recommendation of the Watercare Board (June 2017)

Supporting documentation:

Manuka Road Waima ecology presentation to the CLG (19  February 2018)
Geotechnical report 1
Geotechnical report 2
Geotechnical report 3
Geotechnical report 4
Geotechnical report 5
Geotechnical report 6
Geotechnical report 7
Geotechnical report 8​
Geotechnical report 9
Geotechnical report 10
Upgrade Implementation Strategy​
Tonkin & Taylor Ltd Report on long list options 
GHD shortlist site development report​
Huia Water Treatment Plant Ecological Assessment​
Proposed site options (February 2017)
Next steps (February 2017)
Traffic technical note (May 2017)
Beca Huia site selection short-list cost estimate report (13 September 2016)​

We aim to lodge consents with the Auckland Council. As the assessments are available we will continue to upload these documents to this site.

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