Huia water treatment plant replacement consent application process

We are currently working towards lodging the resource consent application for the replacement Huia water treatment plant and associated reservoirs with Auckland Council in March 2019. Our application will be for regional resource consent activities including tree removal and earthworks. 

Everyone will have an opportunity to make a submission when the application for resource consent is lodged and notified in early 2019. We will ask for the consent application to be notified due to the amount of public interest in the project. The Auckland Council is likely to post this notification in local newspapers and any directly affected parties will be served notices individually. Public submissions will be heard by independent commissioners. 

Consent application process guiding documentation:

A guide to the resource consent application process for the Huia water treatment plant 

Resource consent application documents:

As resource consent documents become available we will upload them to this section.

Supporting documentation:

Assessment of Ecological Values - Boffa Miskell (5 July 2018)
S. Myers Review of Huia Site Ecology Study (July 2018)
Manuka Road Waima ecology presentation to the CLG (19  February 2018)
Geotechnical report 1
Geotechnical report 2
Geotechnical report 3
Geotechnical report 4
Geotechnical report 5
Geotechnical report 6
Geotechnical report 7
Geotechnical report 8​
Geotechnical report 9
Geotechnical report 10
Upgrade Implementation Strategy​
Tonkin & Taylor Ltd Report on long list options 
GHD shortlist site development report​
Tonkin and Taylor Huia Water Treatment Plant Ecological Assessment 2012​
Proposed site options (February 2017)
Next steps (February 2017)
Traffic technical note (May 2017)
Beca Huia site selection short-list cost estimate report (13 September 2016)​

We aim to lodge consents with the Auckland Council. As the assessments are available we will continue to upload these documents to this site.