Owairaka and Wesley water upgrades

New water upgrades are required to cater for development in Owairaka and Wesley areas.
Status: Service investigations are currently underway in the Wesley area. The investigations will take about four weeks (from 24 October) and begin on O’Donnell Avenue (the Richardson Road end) before the crew move onto Parkinson Avenue, Farrelly Avenue then Denize Road.Traffic management is in place.

Why is the project needed?

We are undertaking upgrades to the water network to cater for current and future development and population growth in the area. The project involves the construction of approximately 4,200 metres of new watermain with sections ranging from 200mm to 500mm in diameter, A new bulk supply point will also be constructed as part of the project. It enable 7,200 new dwellings proposed by Kāinga Ora, plus 770 infill dwellings within the Wesley neighbourhood.

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Map of Wesley watermains project route

The project will take place in two stages

Stage 1

Completed sections of work  

Construction of a new bulk supply point chamber in the road near 2 La Veta Avenue and a pipeline connecting to an existing bulk supply point chamber on Richardson Road was completed in May 2022.

Stage 2

The works involve construction of a new pipeline from the Owairaka reservoir along La Veta Avenue and Richardson Road into the Wesley area.

The service investigations that started in late October are required to locate existing services in the road before we start construction of the watermains. These investigations are due to finish by approximately 11 November 2023. Once we complete service investigations, an early works package will commence in mid to late November 2023 where we will commence laying the watermain on O’Donnell Avenue (the Richardson Road end), then turn right into Parkinson Avenue, onto Farrelly Avenue, then finally into Denize Road. We estimate this early works package will take approximately 6 months to complete.

The main works will commence mid-2024 and include works along Richardson Road, upper La Veta Avenue, O’Donnell Avenue, Denny Avenue, May Road and Memorial Avenue in Mt Roskill. The approximate duration for these works is 18 months.

Start of watermains construction in the Wesley area – Stage 1 works on O’Donnell Avenue to Parkinson Avenue, Wesley  

From Monday 13 November 2023, our contractor Fulton Hogan will commence laying the new watermain in the Wesley area. The first stage of the project will involve a new watermain along O’Donnell Avenue, Parkinson Avenue, Farrelly Avenue & Denize Road. These works are estimated to take approximately 6 months to complete (weather dependent).  

The first section (stage 1) on O’Donnell Avenue and Parkinson Avenue is estimated to take approximately 10 weeks to complete (not including the Christmas break and these works are weather dependent). As the project progresses, we will keep you updated when the next stages of works start.

O’Donnell Avenue and Parkinson Avenue works map
Click here for an enlarged version of the map which details the section of work and traffic management

How will this affect you?  

  • Working hours - will be between 7am and 6pm Monday to Saturday. Saturday work will only be utilised if required.  

  • Traffic management - will be present throughout the duration of the project. This will consist of one-way detours as shown on the map over the page. Please follow the guidance of our on-site traffic personnel and posted signage.  

  • Please allow extra time for travelling. There will be times when machinery will need to move to allow vehicles to pass by.  

  • Pedestrian access will be maintained. There may be times where foot traffic is detoured to keep everyone safe, please follow all posted signage. 

  • Construction works - will create noise, vibration, and dust. We will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum and will be working in accordance with the levels approved by Auckland Council. 

Want more information or have questions?

Please email [email protected]   
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