Pukekohe East reservoirs

We are planning to build two new water reservoirs in Pukekohe East.​

Start-finish: Site landscaping: June-August 2017; construction of reservoir 1: 2018-2020 
Location: Corner of Runciman and Rutherford roads, Pukekohe East
Status: Design/consent

What’s happening?

Construction of the first reservoir is due to start in 2018, and will take two years. The second is scheduled to be built around 10-15 years later, depending on population growth.

We are now obtaining statutory approvals. In December 2016 a hearing at the Environment Court was held to determine the outcome of the resource consent and notice of requirement approvals. The decision was made in mid-February 2017 and approval was granted. We will reduce some of the visual impact by planting a living screen. Early planting will begin in the 2017 planting season.

Map showing the Pukekohe East Reservoirs project

What are the benefits?

The new reservoirs will:

  • Cater for increased water demand as the region’s population grows.
  • Help us maintain a secure supply of water.
  • Allow us to continue maintaining other parts of the water network.

Any questions?

Please contact:
Julio Delgado
Project Manager

More information

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