Pukekohe East reservoirs - Runciman Road

Providing resilience to Auckland's drinking water supply.​

Start-finish: October 2018 - 2020 
Location: 108 Runciman Road – corner of Runciman and Rutherford Roads, Pukekohe East
Status: Construction of reservoir 1: Late 2018-2020

What’s happening?

Now this is what we call progress through pictures. This time-lapse footage shows reservoir No.1 being built. A second reservoir will be built as needed. The reservoir(s) will ensure we have enough water for our growing population.

In October 2018, we started building a new water reservoir at 108 Runciman Road, Pukekohe East. Reservoirs are built to store water, to ensure there is enough for Aucklanders to consume. In order to meet population growth and make sure there is enough water, we will build the first of two reservoirs during the next two years. The second reservoir will be built when needed to meet demand. To ensure the reservoirs blend into the natural environment, advance planting has been done and we will do further landscaping and planting following the construction.

Runciman Road traffic management

To enable the commissioning of the reservoir, we will be doing some work outside 57 Runciman Road to allow access for project construction. The work will start the week of 10 June 2019, subject to weather, and will take approximately one week to complete. There will be stop-go traffic management in place to allow these works to be carried out safely. Please follow all traffic management and construction signs. Working hours will be Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5pm. We will need to undertake further works to complete pipe connections at two locations along Runciman Road at a later date. Updates will be provided in advance of this.

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Fortnightly update

The Pukekohe East Reservoir project involves the construction of regional water storage at 108 Runciman Road, Pukekohe with the construction and commissioning of reservoirs and associated works including an on-site detention pond, associated pipes, chambers and structures, earth bunding and landscaping.

So far, we have:

  • Settlement monitoring report accepted  
  • Completed bulk excavation and raft foundation underneath reservoir 1 & 2
  • Completed the floor slab
  • Installed outlet pipework underneath the central valve chamber and concrete encased
  • Completed the central valve chamber
  • Excavated and stabilised the access road from Rutherford
  • Installed 88 wall panels
  • Installed inlet, outlet, transfer, overflow and scour pipe underneath the reservoir
  • Finished the outlet pipeline installation
  • Completed 69 vertical stitches between wall panels
  • Completed 33 column plinths
  • Asphalt access road from Rutherford Road

In the next two weeks, we will:

  • Continue wall stitches
  • Continue column plinths
  • Install type B pilasters

Noisy operations or night works will be:

  • Nothing is currently programmed
Upcoming milestones - we plan to:
  • Complete the wall panel installation
  • Complete the stressing of the walls
  • Complete roof precast installation
  • Water testing
Note: Preliminary work on reservoir 2 is now being done. This is to maximise project efficiencies and minimise disruption during reservoir 2 construction (to be carried out at a later date). The site will be reinstated until it is needed in the future.

Extent of works​
Excavation outlet pipeline
Pouring column plinths

Enabling works

The majority of the enabling works are now complete with minor road marking left to do. This work is yet to be finalised and will be carried out over the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience throughout this process, it is much appreciated.

Inlet pipe end section in place with 280t crane in background ready to place pilasters

What are the benefits?

The new reservoirs will:

  • Cater for increased water demand as the region’s population grows
  • Help us maintain a secure supply of water
  • Allow us to continue maintaining other parts of the water network
Map showing the Pukekohe East Reservoirs project

Any questions?

Please contact:
Faiz Salim
Project Manager

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