Resource consents

A resource consent provides permission to carry out an activity that affects the environment. For the public network, much of the network pipeline will be located in the road reserve and are generally permitted under the Auckland Unitary Plan.
Some activities will require resource consents. This is where activities associated with construction have effects above a permitted level and need to be managed or mitigated. Examples of these effects include vibration, ground settlement and removal of trees. An assessment will be undertaken to identify the type of activities that require resource consents. Auckland Council will then decide if the consents are required to be notified. This will be dependent on whether the effects are less than minor and cannot be otherwise mitigated. Whether consents are notified or not, we will notify affected parties of what the construction effects are and avoid, mitigate or minimise effects where possible.

Building consents

Building Consent ensures the private drainage works are completed in compliance with current building regulations and that there is a record of the drainage on Auckland Council’s property files database. We will need to obtain the appropriate building consents for the work on private property. Before we apply for building consents, we will work with property owners on the private drainage plan and design.