Once we have any necessary permissions to undertake the work, we will begin to plan for construction.

Public network

The majority of the public network will be constructed in the road. This method generally requires traffic management and has temporary localised effects on residents around the site as construction advances down the road, it involves digging a trench with a digger and inserting the pipeline in sections. During construction work in the road, we will at times require road closures and have traffic management for the safety of the public and our workers. The work will also entail some localised connections and pipe refurbishment work throughout the area. These will be communicated with the local residents throughout the works.
How will this affect you?
  • Working hours will be from 7.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday, with quiet preparation and close down works taking place outside of these hours.
  • Traffic management will be in place around construction sites for the safety of the public and our workers.
  • Due to the nature of the project, the work will generate some noise. Noise levels will be kept to a minimum and in accordance with the levels approved by Auckland Council.
  • When we are trenching past your property, vehicle asses to driveways may be temporarily restricted. If there is a need to restrict vehicle access, you will be notified in advance.
  • During the work, temporary footpaths and road surfaces may not match existing pavements. Please be assured that any temporary surfaces will be returned to their original condition or better by the end of the project.
  • Please park cars away from the site to allow trucks and construction equipment to move freely as we endeavour to complete the works as quickly as possible.

This is an example of trenching pipelines in the road: (click the photo to enlarge)
trenching pipelines in the road

Working with you

We will notify residents near to the works as we work our way through the catchment including what to expect from construction. If you have public network pipes required on your property, we will work with you to understand the extent of work and timing of works at every stage.

Private drainage network

Every property is different. The extent of work will be discussed with you. Once we have scheduled the timing of the works, we will work with you to access the property and let you know what to expect from construction. As there is so many properties to work through, we will work through the catchment in a methodical way.