Private property investigations

During property investigations, our drainage contractors look at two things:
  1. Current pipelines: The location of the pipelines and the extent to which they are combined or separated,
  2. Physical features of the outside of your property: Features and topography that we need to consider when designing the new pipeline locations.
There are some 455+ properties for which we need to complete investigations on their drainage and this may take some time.  We are continuing to work our way through the catchment to inform the design of the new network and private drainage situations. We will work with private property owners that require further investigations or separation work on their property.
Once an initial visual investigation have been undertaken of your unique property situation, further information and other methods of investigation may still be required to complete the design of the new network.

The following might be required in some situations to provide us with the necessary information about the current pipelines or topography might be required:
  1. CCTV camera inspections could be required of the pipelines,
  2. A Go Pro may be required to provide a record of the outside your property where the work will take place, to aid with reinstatement,
  3. Further investigations of the location of services on the outside of your property, or
  4. No further action is required, should our initial investigation provide the necessary information to complete our design or confirm that the property does not require separation.

Further public investigations

We have undertaken a number of investigations to inform the design of the new public network and any consents that are required. This includes ground surveys, ground water and other assessments relating to the environment which we need to build in and ensures we can plan how to build the new infrastructure safely and have the right equipment for the work.

Investigations in the road

As the majority of the proposed public network is aligned along the road for ease of future maintenance, we may need to do scanning and potholing investigations to precisely locate existing pipelines and other services such as power and other cables to avoid these when we build the new network. During these investigations there may be some localised traffic disruption. There will be traffic management in place to direct traffic.

Working with you

We will keep you informed of any investigations that effect you. Where investigations are required in the road, traffic management and signage will be in place to direct traffic. For your safety and for the safety of the public and our staff, please stay safe around the construction site and follow all site signage.