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What work is required on my property?

There are two types of potential work on properties in the catchment, your property may require individual drainage separation.

Private drainage separation

Approximately 80% of the catchment with remaining combined private drainage needs to be separated. This project is a one-off where Watercare and Auckland Council (through the targeted rate) are offering to fully fund private drainage to get it up to today’s standard. While this requires your consent, once we build the new public network, any remaining combined drainage would be considered a defect, which would be the responsibility of the property owner to rectify – at their own cost. Stormwater from houses runs into the wastewater network and floods the wastewater network during wet weather, creating wastewater overflows into the harbour. Wastewater into the stormwater network means potentially harmful waste is going straight out to sea without any treatment to make it safe to discharge into the environment. 

Public network

Watercare need to design the public network in the most efficient and practicable way possible. Usually, we try to follow the road carriageway as much as possible as it is designated for this purpose. However, the network operates largely using gravity, so the wastewater pipes need to run downhill, and we also follow the existing network wherever practicable. This sometimes means the best route for the pipelines is through private property. Watercare have the rights to undertake the work through private land if it deems it necessary to provide water or wastewater services under section 181 of the Local Government Act 2002

Landowner approvals

We will seek landowner approvals for the work from the property owner which authorises us to undertake the work on your property and also to apply for any building consents that are required on your behalf. To do this we use a standard landowner agreement form. This form has been recently updated due to feedback from the St Marys Residents Association to include more detailed information about the planned works such as the current public network design and elaborates on protections for property owners.

Copy of the landowner agreement form

Building consents

Watercare and their contractors will apply for building consents on your behalf for any building such as new drainage on your property. You will be able to discuss the proposed work on your property before building consents are lodged. 

Contact us

If you have been advised that your property requires separation and you would like more information on plans or proposed design, please contact your representative from our contractors. 

Alternatively, you can email your query to [email protected]