Takapuna foreshore branch sewer

Improving wastewater pipes to help reduce overflows and improve beach water quality.
Start-finish: May-August 2022
Location: Takapuna Beach foreshore
Status: Construction starts in May

Project background

Originally constructed in the 1940’s, the Takapuna Foreshore Branch Sewer runs the full length of Takapuna Beach. Relining the current pipeline will extend the life of this section of the branch sewer by 50+ years. Our current project will reline 1.6km of pipeline using trenchless technology as well as rehabilitating 36 manholes along the pipeline.

We have on occasion received public reports of uncontrolled spills and overflows which have typically been caused by network blockages (i.e., roots, fats, debris obstructions). The lining work will improve this situation and allow identification of other contributing factors.

On completion of the relining works, on-going environmental monitoring will take place for the following six months to identify any further issues which may be caused by other problems. We are also working with the team at Healthy Waters, collaborating to ensure that we have the best impact on the environment.

About the work

Our team along with our appointed contractor, March Cato, will inspect the pipeline and manholes. CCTV has already been captured but further investigations are needed to check for any obstructions or blockages before the relining can take place.

Working in small sections at a time, relining will be conducted using a thrusting method so no large trenches are needed, however, sites will need to be fenced off to ensure health and safety needs are being met. The method of relining the existing pipeline was selected as the best solution as it will not require trenching or significant excavation, it is also fast and will have the lowest impact on local residents and beach users.

How will this work affect you?

Parts of the park and beach access may be temporarily blocked, along with the boat ramp. We will also require access to a number of private properties along the beach foreshore which contain manholes. Watercare representatives will liaise with affected property owners directly. Take a look at the map below to see where the relining will take place.

map of the takapuna branch sewer work we are carrying out

Any questions?

Please email the project team: [email protected]


Takapuna foreshore branch sewer newsletter May 2022