Wairau Road wastewater upgrade

We are upgrading the Wairau Road wastewater network.

Start: Mid 2017 to mid 2018
Location: Wairau Road          
Status: Construction

What's happening?

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The Wairau Road wastewater network is ageing and needs to be replaced. In order to upgrade the network, a new one-metre-diameter wastewater pipeline will be installed underneath Wairau Road. Underground pipe installation methods will be used in order to minimise disruption to commuters.​​

The existing wastewater pipeline was installed in the 1960s and needs to be replaced. These upgrades are a key component of our long-term strategy to improve Auckland’s wastewater infrastructure, prepare for forecast population growth and improve service levels.

From 30 January to the end of June 2018, we will close one of the northbound lanes of Wairau Road, from 92 Wairau Road to 124 Wairau Road. We will still maintain the two northbound lanes by occupying the median. During this time, northbound traffic will not be allowed to turn right from 103 to 121 Wairau Road.

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What are the benefits?

  • Upgrades will allow for future population growth
  • Extensive engineering work has been done to identify the best construction option to minimise traffic disruption
  • Traffic assessments have been done to minimise disruption during construction

How will project works affect you?

  • We are working with the appointed contractor and Auckland Transport to establish a comprehensive traffic management plan
  • We will work closely with businesses and residents to provide advance notice and help to minimise any disruption
  • Some traffic layout changes will be in place during construction

Any questions?

Project manager: Mahinda Attanayake
Phone: 0274 890 468
Email: Mahinda.attanayake@water.co.nz

More information

Project flyer (28 July 2017)

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