Warkworth wastewater scheme

We are upgrading the wastewater infrastructure in the Warkworth area.
Start–finish: 2021-2024
Location: Warkworth-Snells-Algies
Status: Construction

Project overview

Warkworth is expected to grow significantly over the next few decades, with up to 20,000 people moving to the area over the next few decades. We are undertaking a number of significant wastewater infrastructure projects which together will accommodate this planned growth. They will also reduce overflows and discharges into the Mahurangi River, creating a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy.

What are we building?

Map showing the route for the new warkworth wastewater pipeline

Lucy Moore Memorial Park Wastewater Pump Station

We are building a modern pump station in Lucy Moore Memorial Park with 828,000 litres of storage capacity to accommodate the future growth planned in the surrounding area. The new larger pump station has a pumping capacity of 290 litres a second to get wastewater from the park to our new wastewater treatment plant in Snells Beach. Construction will continue through until 2024. The site will also be used for part of the construction of the five-kilometre transfer pipeline. Fencing will be placed around the construction site and pedestrian movement through Lucy Moore Memorial Park in the vicinity of the pump station will be limited – for public safety please follow site signage. After construction, we will remediate and enhance the site by planting a mix of native and exotic trees in the park.

Snells Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant

We are building a new modern and efficient wastewater treatment plant at the end of Hamatana Road as part of this project. This facility will process wastewater from Warkworth and Snells-Algies communities and is designed to be able to accommodate population growth over the next 35 years. Wastewater will be pumped from Lucy Moore Memorial Park through a new five-kilometre pipeline, treated to a very high standard and safely discharged through the new outfall off Martins Bay which was completed. As part of these works, we will decommission the existing Warkworth Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) ending treatment plant discharges into the Mahurangi River and harbour. Existing wastewater flows from Snells Beach and Algies Bay will also be diverted to the new WWTP, and the existing Snells-Algies WWTP will be decommissioned. Construction on the plant began in early 2022 and will continue through until 2024. You might notice a small increase in truck movements once construction has begun.

Warkworth to Snells transfer pipeline

We will be tunnelling more than five kilometres of new pipeline from Lucy Moore Memorial Park to the new wastewater treatment plant. It is made up of 1,550 metres of rising main (uphill) and 3,500 metres of gravity (downhill) pipe. The pipes will be protected by running through an outer thick steel pipe. The tunnelling will be done deep under the ground by direct pipe tunnelling. This equipment was successfully used on several large wastewater projects in Auckland including the Army Bay and Snells-Algies wastewater outfalls. At some spots along the route there will be access shafts on private properties to check on the machine. The pipe is being designed to cater for population growth through to 2099.

North west pipeline

We are also in the planning stage for a pipeline which would service population growth in the north west of Warkworth. This will serve the new developments and carry wastewater to the new pump station in Lucy Moore Memorial Reserve. It will also allow us to eliminate an overflow point into the Mahurangi River.

Any questions about the project?

Please contact us via the following emails:

For the pump station
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For the Wastewater Treatment Plant
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For the transfer pipeline
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