Warkworth northwest growth servicing pipeline

Start–finish: TBC
Location: Warkworth
Status: Planning & Design

Project overview

We are currently advancing through various stages of feasibility and design for the Warkworth north-west growth servicing pipeline. The project is segmented into three distinct sections, each critical to the overall success and efficiency of the infrastructure.

Traffic management: March-May 2024

We will be investigating several locations within the road corridor along Great North Road and Elizabeth Street. As part of these investigations, you will notice temporary traffic management in place at various stages including shoulder closures between 9am-4pm and single lane closures between 8pm-5pm at the investigation locations. Some investigations will be carried out at night to help reduce the impact on local businesses, road users and the wider community. We ask that you please follow the directions of traffic management staff and signage during this time.

Warkworth North Branch Sewer

The section between Warkworth Showgrounds and Hill Street Intersection is moving forward with the detailed design and construction of a gravity main pipeline. This section will proceed as per the initial design scheme as requirements remain unchanged for all the options to get to the new pump station at Lucy Moore Memorial Park.

Timelines for the project

Preliminary design and site investigation
Start: Late 2023
Finish: Early 2024

Detailed design and procurement
Start: Early 2024
Finish: Late 2024

Warkworth South Branch Sewer

Our team has initiated a feasibility study focusing on various options for the downstream section of the alignment, which spans from Hill Street to Lucy Moore Park. This study includes both gravity-based and pump-driven systems. Each option is associated with specific challenges that we are working to better understand. With a deeper understanding of these potential solutions, Watercare will be able to provide a more accurate projection of the project's completion date. Further details are expected to be communicated to the community and key stakeholders by mid-2024.

Any questions

Please email: [email protected]

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