Hibiscus Coast wastewater

Treatment and discharge options are being reviewed.

Start-finish: November 2017 – November 2018
Location: Whangaparāoa and surrounding growth areas
Status: Planning

The Army Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant is our third-largest wastewater treatment plant and currently services the Hibiscus Coast and Ōrewa area, which has a population of around 46,000. Auckland Council’s growth projections forecast future growth in the area to increase to a population of 188,500 by 2053.

Discharges from the facility are managed by two discharge consents, one for air and the other for treated wastewater to be discharged via an outfall pipe 1.8km into the sea. Both are due to expire on 31 December 2021. While applying for new resource consents, we want to ensure that they incorporate future service needs in the area.

What's happening?

We are looking at wastewater discharge options that could service Whangaparāoa’s growing community well into the future.

Consultation is ongoing with stakeholders including mana whenua, community groups and businesses within the growth catchment area. We take consultation feedback in to account and further assessments are done our experts (environmental, engineering, planning and legal) to inform decisions.

We are assessing all feasible options to cater for short, medium and long-term population growth. From this process we will determine the best solution for wastewater discharges from the area for the next 35 years (called the best practicable option) before applying for the Army Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant discharge consent in November 2018.

View from the Whangaparāoa Peninsula near Little Manly beach.
View from the Whangaparāoa Peninsula near Little Manly beach.

What are the benefits?

  • Allow for future population growth
  • Retain flexibility for future sustainable longer-term network solutions
  • Protect our environment, particularly the water quality of the Hauraki Gulf 
  • Keep our communities healthy

Have your say

We have just held the third public open day on 20 June 2018. You can email us at ArmyBay@water.co.nz if you would like to discuss any of the information presented. 

Below you can find the information from the public open days that took place in February and June 2018, where we presented the preferred option and the process of selecting from the initial options. The material  that was displayed at these open days are here for your reference:
Long-list options poster
Long-list context map
Short-list options
Selected plan(s)

We are proposing to lodge the resource consent applications with Auckland Council in July 2018 and will seek public notification. Everyone who would like to make a submission will be able to. 

Any questions?

Please contact the project manager:
Tanvir Bhamji
Email: armybay@water.co.nz 

More information

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